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Artist Statement

Art has the ability to captivate through colors, shapes, texture and lines.  It has its own voice and speaks differently to each person that views it.  I paint so my art can speak.  Artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Jackson Pollock have influenced me over the years to help me create my own style that speaks its own language.  I paint using bright colors to uplift people and bring out emotions of joy, hope, and happiness. Colors and patterns can invite an energy that moves you.  We know that color can affect our mood and alter our emotions but I also want to use it to inspire.  I want to inspire through one moment in time; that moment where the art captivates you and speaks to you in its very own way.  Being able to be an inspiration to my family and those around me as well as spreading a culture of joy and hope, is how I want to be remembered.  A colorful legacy, if you will.

Artist Bio

Christopher Joseph Gonzalez, the man behind the brand known as C. Joseph Art, has always had a love and talent for art.  He started at a very young age learning to hone his God-given ability to draw, and grew it into a passion not only to paint but sculpt as well.  Growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, he gained appreciation for color and art through his environment as well as from his Mexican-American heritage.  In his early 20's, Chris started painting murals as a free-lance artist.  That opened doors for him in many ways including a career as a production designer, where he was able to use his art to create designs and projects with companies like Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Marriott International, and many more.  Over the last 20 years, Chris has grown his knowledge and talents in both art and business and has been able to merge them together to meet his clients' needs with great professionalism.  Recent projects and murals have allowed him to expand his creativity and grow his brand not only here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but all over the world.  Outside of his faith and his family, art has been one of the biggest driving forces in Chris' life.  He has always had the passion and desire to share his art with as many people as he could, whether it be through canvas paintings hanging in the lobby of a hotel, a mural displayed on the busy streets of Fort Worth, a unique one-of-a-kind commissioned painting hanging in the privacy of one's home, or a mural surrounding a crib in a baby's room bringing joy to them as they drift off to sleep.  Chris' ability to captivate his audience through his use of color and design, truly make him a unique artist that adapts and grows in each piece he creates.  We hope that his art has in some way spoken to you, inspired you, and given you joy for today and hope for a wonderful tomorrow.

Clip 2 for Thank you card.jpg


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