"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”-Vincent Van Gogh.


Born in 1981 near Dallas Texas there has always been abundant amount of art influences, therefore it hasn’t been too hard to follow the path I’m on right now. Since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for music and culture and I love to infuse both of them into my work. At a young age I began to draw and sculpt but I didn’t start painting until my early 20’s.  I indulged myself in the history of some great artist and found several to admire and their styles; Andy Warhol for his iconic genius, Van Gogh for his use of color and brush stroke, and Jackson Pollock for his daring vision. I have painted in many different ways with all kinds of mediums and I have arrived to a certain style I absolutely love.  Some would say it’s Pop Art or Spontaneous Realism but one thing I love using is vibrant colors in most everything I do. I feel color transfers a mood or feeling to my audience and I try to portray those in my work, such as excitement, loud noise, and controlled chaos. I hope these same actions are appreciated when one immerses themselves into my paintings. Simply put “I listen to music when I paint because it energizes me. The music moves me to paint how I feel, yet I control my brush with experience like a dancer does with their body.”  I truly believe music and art connects people together. My hope is when people see these iconic musicians or instruments that I paint; it will resonate with them and fill their heart with joy or passion as well.


Artist Statement



I believe everyone is an artist in there own way, whether your a dentist, teacher, or work in sales you have the ability to impact someone else. That's ART in a nut shell, impacting the world with something you have to offer. I believe becoming an artist wasn't really a choice for me, in some ways you could say I was born to become an artist. I think art chose me and I chose to follow it. 


© 2017 All rights reserved by Christopher Joseph Gonzalez

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